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Septic Systems in San Bernardino, Ca

Septic Systems are sewage systems used when city sewers are not available.

Preventative Maintenance

We recommend every 5 years that you pump your Septic Systems to remove all solids. Those who ignore the requirement will eventually be faced with extremely costly repairs when solids escape the tank and destroy the clarified liquid (Leach Line). A properly maintained system by Big Mikes Plumbing & Sanitation can last for decades or possibly a lifetime.

90% of the time when we come out to repair a septic system, the system is fine, we just need to replace the leach line, due to solids destroying the leach field. Call Big Mike's Rooter and Plumbing Co. for a free estimate.

For all you Realtors and Homeowners, Big Mikes is Licensed to Certify these systems when property is listed or sells.


  • Backhoe services
  • Hook up sewer laterals
  • Camera inspection
  • Tank certifications
  • Completed septic and leech line installations
  • Electric Sewer Cleaning
  • Hydro-jetting Services
  • Cess pool drilling
  • Installation of new pits
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